ATAQUE DE VÍRUS | Episódio 37 Completo | Português | Virus Attack

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Описание видео: The only one condition to allow transformation is that they get in physical contact with the viruses. The clamorous finding of a genial scientist, allow five guys to have a special DNA to become anti-virus. Confira nossas listas de reprodução, inscreva-se e divirta-se! Hundreds of years ago, the inhabitants of a pacific town where kidnapped by a supreme and evil mind to be transported to planets used as incubation machines, where they would be mutated into monstrous viruses in order to conquer the Earth. Today, the Earth is sick, pollution and human beings have allowed viruses to arrive and spread. Each virus has different characteristics and super powers: they transform themselves, they multiply, they mutate and they fuse to become more powerful. SUBSCRIBE ➡️ However, they still keep a piece of humanity which sometimes prevails. With their agility, bravery, cleverness and their super powers, they will save the world.

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