Designing Minecraft Bedrooms and Living Room! | Adults Play Minecraft #75 | Minecraft Bedrock SMP

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Описание видео: Also, I have a second channel dedicated to archiving my Twitch live streams! Check it out: Adults Play Minecraft is a survival multiplayer (SMP) server started to show that adults can indeed play Minecraft! I used some blackstone for a fireplace, which added a nice touch. In this episode, I finished off the west wing of the keep by adding two bedrooms and a living room for the staff of the keep. Check it out! Join us as we create this amazing world! Check out the members below and subscribe so you won\'t miss a thing! Check out the AdultsCraft Discord server: Check out my Discord and join: Streaming on Twitch: Second channel: Follow me on Twitter : Become a Patron: Check out the blog: AdultsCraft RevMCraft Kylie Dale BeefyC413 BerserkingKorgi Desert Rat Givized13 GrimSaviour Intrigue MC JayDeeMinecraft Lady_Random Majik6x6x6 Sir Googo1plex SurvivalMike87 TheKrazyKrow Thereisasong11 X Shmoops X Z3b4h Adults Play Minecraft Season 1 Episode 75 - Designing Minecraft Bedrooms and Living Room! It\'s based on the Minecraft Bedrock edition 1.16.

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