How to create TNT Launcher in minecraft java 1.16.3

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Описание видео: My Facebook all Minecraft videos : rapid fire TNT cannon automatic TNT cannon TNT cannon Minecraft 2020 how to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft pe how to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft with dispensers sniper TNT cannon Minecraft TNT cannon 2020 Minecraft TNT cannon designs... In this video, I show how to create tnt launcher for mining about Minecraft: In Minecraft, players explore a blocky, procedurally-generated 3D world with infinite terrain, and may discover and extract raw materials, craft tools, and items, and build structures or earthworks. Game modes include a survival mode, in which players must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health, and a creative mode, where players have unlimited resources. Players can modify the game to create new gameplay mechanics, items, and assets. Depending on the game mode, players can fight computer-controlled "mobs", as well as cooperate with or compete against other players in the same world.

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