Jupiter The Movie 2 | No Surprises (MINECRAFT MOVIE 2016)

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Описание видео: -Jackson Hersom... Thanks For Watching! He crashed into a tree while on a motorbike and was killed. CREDITS: Actors: Jackson - Jackson Hersom Jesse - Jesse Yoshi/Adam - David Lilley YpsiRuss - Brian Moorey MUSIC Kevin Macleaod - Anguish RadioHead - No Surprises Special Thanks: Gene Aguas Coros In Honor Of: Tim Samaras David Bowie This movie is also dedicated to Lee. He was 13 years old. But there\'s always an unwanted surprise afoot.... Rest In Peace Lee, and Kind regards to the family. Lee is one of the main character\'s friend who eariler died August 11, 2016. Join Jackson and his friend as they try to cope and understand what is happening.

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