Jupiter The Movie 2 | No Surprises (MINECRAFT MOVIE 2016)

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Описание видео: Thanks For Watching! He was 13 years old. Join Jackson and his friend as they try to cope and understand what is happening. CREDITS: Actors: Jackson - Jackson Hersom Jesse - Jesse Yoshi/Adam - David Lilley YpsiRuss - Brian Moorey MUSIC Kevin Macleaod - Anguish RadioHead - No Surprises Special Thanks: Gene Aguas Coros In Honor Of: Tim Samaras David Bowie This movie is also dedicated to Lee. He crashed into a tree while on a motorbike and was killed. But there\'s always an unwanted surprise afoot.... -Jackson Hersom... Lee is one of the main character\'s friend who eariler died August 11, 2016. Rest In Peace Lee, and Kind regards to the family.

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