This video is CURSED (Season of the Pickaxe Ep. 6) Minecraft Survival LP

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Описание видео: Then he dies a lot. I don\'t think it could get any worse. The Nether update video). (If this is blank and you are the creator of this map/addon/command block creation/etc, please comment below or contact me via Twitter (linked below) so I can add your information.) ✔️Twitter ✔️ My website ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (YouTube wants us to write better descriptions, so)In this video, Diadrite struggles to make ends meet. By Kevin MacLeod ✔️Venari Strigas by Kajiura Yuki... All this and more in this family-friendly Minecraft survival let\'s play video. Catch the next vid! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buy my book: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: ✔️ Subscribe ✔️Check out the showcase! After a Minecraft mining session, Diadrite fails to make a Minecraft Super Smelter tutorial (Minecraft super-smelter or Minecraft industrial furnace), then he fails to head to the new Minecraft 1.16 Nether in the Minecraft 1.16 update that was recently released (new Minecraft update! A LOT. (There, happy YouTube?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: ✔️Weekend in Tatooine ✔️Evening of Chaos arr.

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